Southern Ridges: Marang Trail

12 February 2014

One of the many options for nature lovers here in Singapore is the Southern Ridges. Basically it connects five different parks so that you can walk it from end to end in around four hours (depending on your fitness level).

Earl and I decided to go to the one that was easiest for us to get to - the Marang Trail. In hindsight, maybe we should have chosen some other route considering I am completely out of shape. Here's how I would best describe the experience:

Have you ever wanted to buy a StairMaster, but couldn't afford it? Well, here's the free outdoor version...

It even comes with a lot of plants and the occasional monkey.

This is the entrance and while it looks simple enough, it is just the start of the steps. The entire trail is a one huge staircase - the equivalent of a 24-storey building (as per the official website).

To give you an idea, see the cable cars in the distance? It stops at the top of Mt. Faber which is also the end point of the Marang Trail.

I was not able to take pictures during our walk as I was too preoccupied with catching my breath and thinking about how I was going to survive. But survive we did and we were rewarded with The Jewel Box (which is also the subject of my next post).

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