Planning a Baptism: Photographer Search

25 January 2016

It took me a few months to look for a photographer mostly because I could not make up my mind. Do we splurge on a more experienced supplier or settle for someone not as known?

Little People Lifestyle Photography

Mhel Mesa Photography

Rio Jones Photography

In the end, we decided that we just needed a photographer who could do a decent job of documenting the day. So when someone recommended Mhel Mesa, I was thinking that trying out a newbie might work. The photos she posted online looked good to me and her rates were definitely appealing.

Planning a Baptism: Using an Event Stylist

20 January 2016

Since none of my friends are creative or artistic, we decided to hire someone to spruce up the reception venue. After searching online, we asked the following stylists for a quote:

DianneKhu Designs

Party Magic

Choosing DianneKhu Designs was a pretty easy decision to make. Aside from the more attractive rate, I liked her sense of aesthetic.