Tak Po

25 January 2014

On the list of "must-see" places here in Singapore is Chinatown. Aside from being very colourful, it has a ton of dining options for those who want to sample authentic Singaporean food.

If our guest is the adventurous type, then I would bring them to the Chinatown Complex Food Centre where there are over 250 hawker stalls to choose from. I say "adventurous" because not everyone will appreciate eating amidst the intermingled aromas of cooked food and the wet market downstairs.

But if they have a predilection for air conditioning, then I would bring them to Tak Po. Technically, they serve Hong Kong dim sum, but since we're in Chinatown I've always thought it fitting that a meal there should be Chinese themed.

We had two orders of Siew Mai (SGD 2.60 each) and one serving of the Scallop with Seaweed Dumpling (SGD 4.20). Both dishes were palatable, but I wish they served soy sauce and calamansi with the orders as I have a penchant for dipping sauces. For me, dim sum was made for dipping.

If you're on a diet, I would suggest the Crystal Chives Ball (SGD 3.20) due to the straightforward taste of pork mixed with chives. Well, it's what I've always thought diet food would taste like.

Clockwise from left: Har Mai (SGD 4.20) - the ingredients of which elude me, but was very similar to the siew mai. Mushroom Chicken (SGD 2.80) tasted like boiled chicken in broth, thus was not a favourite. The Egg Tart (SGD 1.10 each) was like most other egg tarts here - not very sweet. We were divided over the Crispy Yam Dumpling (SGD 1.00 each) as some did not like the outer crust, but were amenable to the somewhat sweet meat inside, while I liked the whole thing. The Chicken and Pork Bun (SGD 1.50) was a crowd-pleaser thanks to it being very similar in taste to the Filipino siopao - basically a bun stuffed with a slightly salty and savoury meat filling.

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