Gillman Barracks

18 February 2014

A few weeks ago, Earl and I joined an art and history tour of the Gillman Barracks conducted by the Friends of the Museums. Earl loves stories on World War II so I thought that the history part would keep him occupied while I enjoyed the art. Alas, the tour just gave a brief background of the area and focused more on the exhibits. Oh, well.

But for those who do like art, especially contemporary art, then is the place to go to as there are around 17 galleries to choose from.

As with all galleries, you can buy any of the items on display though if you're serious about making a purchase, you may need to act quickly. I spoke to someone over at the Sundaram Tagore Gallery and she informed me that everything in their exhibit has already been sold.

Currently, they are featuring the work of Singaporean artist Jane Lee and there was one piece that piqued my interest, the Fetish Series - O (pictured left). I was starting to have visions of how striking the red would be in our apartment!

This will have to remain a pipe dream though as one, someone already owns it and two, they paid USD 26,000 for the privilege which means Lee is an artist who is way beyond our budget.

The Gillman Barracks is a pretty quiet place. At the OTA Fine Arts gallery, there were only two other visitors checking out the paintings so you can go around in relative tranquillity.

According to our tour guide, the galleries change their exhibits every two or three months so there will always be something new to discover.

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