A Life Lost

02 April 2018

We went to Singapore last November to have the other embryo implanted. It went well and two weeks after the procedure, our test result was positive - we were pregnant. I had mixed feelings about the entire situation though, as I wasn't too fond of my last pregnancy despite it being uneventful.

And because we're now back in Manila, I had to look for a local doctor who was familiar with IVF. Turns out, there aren't that many IVF doctors here compared to Singapore. The level of care was also quite different - basically, I prefer Dr. Kelly Loi's version of doing things.

The baby though stopped growing after five weeks, and while I felt sad that we might have lost our last chance to have another child, I also felt relieved. I am aware how lucky we were that we even had the opportunity to do this again, but it is what it is.

Try Again?

19 February 2018

New York is not my favorite city. The subway stations rarely have escalators or working elevators, and there is no air conditioning. But my major problem was that there was hardly any place to change our daughter's diaper, and the few places that did provide a changing table, needed cleaning. I think we got so used to super efficient Singapore where almost every mall has padded diaper changing stations, hot and cold water, soap and paper towels.

We were in the city that never sleeps last October for a wedding, and that's basically all we did. It's also possible that the fact we spent most of our week adjusting to Hannah's jet lag contributed to our not enjoying ourselves much, as we didn't really get to see or do anything. So, I'm thinking of taking another trip there and starting all over again. Second time's the charm?

Singapore Zoo

05 February 2018

This is an extremely late post.

One of the freebies from Earl's former office were free tickets to the Singapore Zoo. We never got around to availing them until his last day at work.

At first, Earl wasn't too keen on going as he thought our daughter was too young to appreciate it. At one year and seven months, Hannah enjoyed looking at the smaller animals, but completely zoned out when it came to the shows, and looking at the elephants, and tigers (the big mammals).

She also fell asleep midway through the zoo, and due to the heat, we decided to just go home instead of checking out the other attractions. We're thinking now that we'll bring her back once she's a bit older and can actually go through the whole area in one day.