25 February 2014

Masons is one of two restaurants located at the Gillman Barracks and I went primarily for Ratha Krishnan's duck confit. I missed the memo though that stated he already left to re-open The Black Sheep Cafe (albeit in another location). No wonder the dish was missing from the menu. I ordered the closest thing which was the pasta version, but more on that later.

Calamari with Verve Garlic Cream (SGD 16)
Juicy calamari done to golden perfection

My server suggested this because according to her, those who have ordered it before keep coming back just for the calamari. I asked if it would be too much for one person to eat considering it states "for sharing" on the menu, and I also ordered pasta. She said no since it wasn't that large.

Not sure if they wanted to get rid of the squid from the kitchen, but turns out it wasn't bad at all. The coating was light, giving the right amount of crunch, and the seasonings were not overpowering as you could still taste the calamari. So I would not mind ordering this again, but I'd make sure that someone else is there to share it with me. Despite the server's assurances, it was too much for just one person.

Confit of Duck (SGD 28)
Lean duck served with roasted garlic, fresh sage, a dash of cream tossed with fettuccine and topped with crispy prosciutto

This wasn't bland, but it also wasn't great. I've had pasta before where I literally wanted to lick the plate clean (this is not one of them). I broke the prosciutto into small pieces and mixed it in which was a good move since it gave the dish texture.

Though I could only eat so much - you know how something tastes okay in the beginning, but the more of it you consume, the more you feel like throwing up? This is one of those. It would have been a tolerable dish if the serving size were smaller or shared with others.

I went on a weekday around 1:30 PM and only two tables were occupied. So if you want a quiet place to rest your feet after looking at the art galleries, Masons is not a bad option.

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