The Jewel Box

14 February 2014

At the end of Marang Trail is an area called The Jewel Box where you'll find scenic views, a small Merlion, and restaurants. So one way to psych yourself up for going on the trail is to think of the food you can eat once you reach the finish line. Though an easier way to get there is by either taking a taxi or the Cable Car.

Only two of the three restaurants were open due to the Chinese New Year holiday, and Earl chose Faber Bistro based on the menu options.

Since we were at top of the mountain, there was a really good breeze which made eating outdoors quite relaxing. Though I think the view from our table would have been better at night with all the buildings lit.

The other two restaurants have a view of the harbour, but I would recommend going for either lunch or dinner otherwise the early afternoon sun will be in your eyes.

Snail Sausage with Potato Rosti, Sour Cream & Dijon Mustard (SGD 16)

The sausage itself was juicy though only mildly seasoned so it needed a dash of salt. While eating it with the rosti gave it texture and adding the sour cream and mustard made for an enjoyable meal (I LOVE sour cream).

Monster Dog - 9 inch Chicken Hotdog with Salad & Fries (SGD 12)

Earl's hotdog was also like my snail sausage - not bad, but I definitely wouldn't go up the trail just for this.

Orange Juice (SGD 5)

For those who want an alcohol buzz, they have discounted drinks during their 3 PM to 8 PM happy hour.

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