Life Happened

10 September 2014

Arriving in 2015:

Maybe it's the nausea, but I barely have enough energy to turn on the computer these days and it doesn't help that I'm always sleepy. I've been pretty lucky though that I have yet to actually throw up.

Speaking of luck, the fact that we're even pregnant is a blessing. This baby was courtesy of a very long, painful, and expensive process called in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Though to be honest, I was initially resentful that we needed to go through all this trouble when so many people are dumping their offspring in garbage cans. I had to constantly remind myself to be thankful we're able to afford this procedure and that it resulted in a positive outcome on our first try.

Note: We've decided to skip the down syndrome test as we're having this baby no matter what happens.

Now that we're on our second trimester, I've started to become very excited! I'm already mentally planning the baptism and the first birthday party. I am aware that it's still too early to prepare for the baby, but first on the list will be to find a bigger apartment. Also, we plan to give birth in Manila as it will be way too costly to do it here in Singapore. It's a good thing Earl's boss has kindly allowed him to be based in the Philippines for three months so he doesn't have to shuttle back and forth too often.

Second on my list is to travel before the baby arrives. Of course, I have to be mindful of our budget and the baby (can't get too stressed), but so far we've arranged to go to Los Angeles this month and New Zealand in November. We used Earl's miles for both flights so the tickets were a bargain.

As for this blog, things will get a little quiet from time to time as currently, all I want to do is nap.