Back on Home Turf

20 October 2016

The one thing I miss about Singapore is our apartment. Malls, museums, and parks can all be visited again, but not the one place we called home for four years. In the past, whenever we would go on vacation, we could not wait to get back. Now, that is no longer an option.

Hannah is also missing the only home she's ever known. Since we arrived, she would sometimes wake up in the middle of her sleep and have crying bouts where neither Earl nor I could console her. The more we talk to her or touch her, the more upset she becomes and she starts pointing towards the door.

While I'm sad that we've left, I feel worse about how our baby seems to be heartbroken. There is nothing to do though, but to wait it out and let her get used to her new surroundings.

On a more positive note, I will be spending my time window shopping for our house and updating this blog with posts from our last month in Singapore.