30 April 2012

Another newly opened establishment at the Alabang Town Center is Hapadog.

Since both Earl and I are fond of Japanese cuisine and I love sausages, I was very interested in trying out their menu. The perfect opportunity came when we watched The Avengers last week and we trooped over with friends to buy snacks for the movie.

First of all, this is like a hamburger - eat with care as it's messy! I'm a klutz so it was no surprise when my first bite had the toppings falling on my shirt. And only after a few adjustments was I finally able to munch without getting sloppy and concentrate on what I was eating.

The Korokke Dog had a nice soft crunch to it thanks to what seemed to be fried mashed potato coating, but other than that we uninanimously decided that Smokey's Hotdogs tasted much better. Not to mention they're cheaper too.

Hmmm... In theory, it looks and sounds appetizing, but the reality is unfortunately the opposite. The problem was the hotdog itself. It's like a cake - no matter how nicely decorated, if it doesn't taste that great, then it will not matter how it looks. My suggestion? Change the sausage to come up with a better end product.

What was nice was the Lychee Iced Tea - definitely light and refreshing with an actual lychee dropped in. The Ramune, on the other hand, is basically Japanese soda (we got the apple flavor) that reminded me of a fruity version of Sprite. Interesting is probably the most that I can say about this drink. It can be either good or bad depending on your taste.

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