Iloilo: Nothing but Desserts

09 April 2012

If there's one thing I love, it's dessert. So I was excited to find a shop called Nothing but Desserts just across the street from our hotel.

Hmmm... the cake was bit dry and so was the cake portion of the Strawberry Trifle. The gelato tasted a bit weird, but that was probably because we got the mixed flavor combination (I'll stick to just one flavor next time).

Strawberry Trifle - Php 110

Chocolate Decadence - Php 65

Combination Gelato - Php 75

What we did like was the Crocanti which comes in three flavors: White Chocolate Pecan, Semi Sweet Walnuts and White Chocolate Pistachio. And at Php 1 per gram, that's my version of affordable.

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