Café Mary Grace

07 May 2012

In years past, I used to frequent bazaars and would usually see the Mary Grace booth selling mostly ensaymadas. They then expanded to mall booths and have since put up a café. It made me wonder, are their pastries that spectacular? It took awhile for me to try their ensaymada as it's not my favorite snack, but once I finally succumbed, I understood. It was really good!

I've since gone on to try their other menu items and my current favorite is their Black Velvet Cake - this is the dessert I buy whenever I need to give a gift or contribute to a potluck meal.

Black Velvet Cake - Php 100
Apple Cinnamon Iced Tea - Php 75

Think of a really rich, moist chocolate cake slathered in cream cheese frosting - this always makes me forget that I should be on a diet! I paired it with their Apple Cinnamon Iced Tea for something light to counter the decadence. Take note that I have a humongous sweet tooth which means that my tolerance for sugar is higher than most. Here are the other things we ordered:

Three Cheese Ensaymada - Php 163

Everyone who I've introduced this ensaymada to has loved it. It's a no-fail, albeit expensive, merienda to feast on. There's also a Laguna Cheese version which is equally as good.

Muscovado & Chocolate Coffee - Php 124

Our friend Jojo ordered this and liked it. Along with the ensaymada, it made him wonder why he had never tried Café Mary Grace before.

There are no pictures, but worth mentioning, Earl had the Tsoknut Chocolate (Php 80) which is basically native cocoa infused with a locally popular chocolate and peanut candy called Choc Nut. We both agreed that the hot chocolate tasted like the liquid version of the grounded peanut treat. Abbie, on the other hand had the Peppermint and Fruits Iced Tea (Php 75), which she liked but said that it does not go with the Black Velvet Cake.


AEC said...

My favorite combo there is the grilled ensaymada & Mary Grace hot chocolate. TDF!

Nicole said...

Ooh, I love that too! =)