Iloilo: Trappist Monastery, Deco's & Madge Cafe

02 April 2012

As mentioned in the previous post, we were in the city mostly to eat. I must say that is this the first vacation I've ever had where we mostly watched a lot of television while waiting for the next meal.

Though we did go to the island of Guimaras to visit the Trappist Monastery.

This involved a ferry and a very bumpy tricycle ride. When we got there, we had ourselves prayed over by the monk and then it was straight to their gift shop.

Lunch was at Deco's over at the La Paz Market. I'm not sure if we were expecting too much, but this was not the best Batchoy we've ever had. We all ordered the Extra (Php 65) along with their Puto Manapla (Php 5) which didn't taste too great either. I would have skipped mentioning this part, but this soup is one of the dishes that Iloilo is known for and Deco's is one of the places to order it.

On a more positive note, my sister loved the Iced Coffee (Php 30) over at Madge Cafe. She liked it so much that she bought half a kilo of their ground coffee beans for Php 250. This place is also at the La Paz Market and just a few steps away from Deco's.

It was started by the present owner's grandmother over 60 years ago, and the mugs you see in the picture aren't just decor - all the regular customers get their own mugs with their names written on it.

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