Bon Chon

24 April 2012

My expectations of this place were rather high as it debuted in the country with a lot of hype and both their Makati outlets were always crowded. Wanting to know what the fuss was all about, we paid our first visit to this chain restaurant last year at their Greenbelt branch.

We ordered the Wings Ricebox which contained four wing pieces and rice figuring that we would initially go with the basics. The verdict? Earl liked it, but it was just okay for me - not bad though somehow lacking something. We both agreed that the meal felt like a light snack as opposed to dinner. Maybe we ordered the wrong thing? We decided we'd return to try the other items on their menu.

It was a busy Saturday night when we popped in Bon Chon's latest branch at the new wing of the Alabang Town Center. The place was packed, but we got a table fairly quickly and this time, we had friends with us so we were able sample more food items.

Caesar Salad - Php 125

Chops Ricebox - Php 145

Bulgogi Wrap - Php 125

Wings Ricebox - Php 145
Kimchi Coleslaw - Php 45

Thigh Ricebox - Php 145

The latest score? Pretty much the same with Earl liking it and three of us declaring that everything we ordered was just "okay." And I think I know what it lacks now - sauce. I like dunking my chicken in a lot of sauce. As for the rest, I prefer KFC.


Kristina said...

This is another case of Filipinos' colonial mentality. I also was so curious what all the hype was. Read in chuvaness' blog how she loved this in SG so I decided to try it out in SG too (before it came out in the Phils). I literally rolled my eyes to how ordinary it was! Not even worth my $8!!! And Filipinos, always wanting the "sosy" thing and since it was endorsed by chuvaness, were all gaga over it when it was launched in the Phils. Porke lang it's "imported". Hay naku.

Same hype with Magnum with matching pics pa as proofs of their sosyness when it only tastes like Pinipig Crunch without the pinipig!

Nicole said...

I agree =) Though my husband does not agree with us both. Sigh.