03 January 2014

For our second day, we went to see Frankfurt which is just 30 minutes away. We took the train from Mainz and what a fun ride that was! Well, at least I found it enjoyable. It was not an underground train so you had a view, and I think I was just so happy to be back in Europe after 18 years that nothing could dampen my mood.

I decided that since it was Earl's birthday, we would take it easy and not try to pack everything in one day - his ideal vacation is to sleep for three days straight so walking all day long is not his version of fun.

First on the agenda was to visit a couple of shops that Earl was interested in. Afterwards, we went to the Goethe House and Museum which we both thoroughly enjoyed. Earl because of the author who once lived there and for me, I just loved the rooms.

They didn't have a guided tour, but they had information sheets in English which gave details of every room in the house.

Tickets cost 7.00 € per person.

Right before heading back to our hotel, we passed by the Altstadt (old town). Though all the original buildings were destroyed during the war, it's still an interesting place to see and also the location of another Christmas market so it was definitely a good pit stop.

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