Frankfurt: Ebert's Suppenstube

07 January 2014

I wanted to eat like a local, and a bit of online research helped me find Ebert's Suppenstube which is owned by the meat shop across the street. We arrived at around 2 PM and the line was still long which was a good sign.

Earl had the Rindswurst Mit Brötchen (2.80 €) and Kartoffelsuppe (4.90 €) - otherwise known as beef sausage and potato soup and he opted to have sausage pieces added to his soup (there's no extra charge for this). Both were quite good and very filling.

I had the Rostbratwurst Im Brötchen (2.80 €) and Erbseneintopf (4.90 €) which is basically pork sausage and pea soup. My sandwich was great but I was not too fond of the pea soup. The soup by itself was rather heavy and was only good in small doses (I got tired of the taste rather quickly).

We shared one bottled water (2.25 €) which was more than enough for the two of us.

All in all, it was perfect since it was near the train station, in the middle of a commercial area, and it was cheap.

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