14 September 2013

Earl and I were in Manila two weeks ago for a short vacation and met up with friends at 1521 in Burgos Circle.

They recommended that we order the Talong Mo Kay Tulfo (Php 280) which is basically fried eggplant stuffed with sisig. We decided to order two of these which was a mistake. Most of us concluded that this dish is more eggplant than it is sisig. We should have tried something else.

We also got the Pinakbet-ter Than Best (Php 245) - definitely not the best pinakbet we've ever had. We've had better elsewhere so we felt that for a simple dish of mixed vegetables sautéed in local anchovies, pork and prawns, this was overpriced.

Lastly, we had the Sinigang na Lechon Kawali (Php 325). This sounded promising since tamarind soup is a favourite of Earl's and it's mixed with fried pork belly which I love. Sadly, this too was disappointing as the tamarind soup was way too sour.

Unless the meal were free, we won't be coming back anytime soon since we can get better food elsewhere at prices much lower than what they are charging.

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