Formula 1 Singapore

27 September 2013

I've never been interested in automobiles - I've never even wanted to own one. So when it comes to vehicles repeatedly going around in circles, I really don't see the point. But my sister is a fan of Formula 1, thus I dutifully went with her last Friday to the night race here in Singapore.

Katrina originally wanted to go during the Saturday or Sunday walkabout, but since I was not interested in F1, Rihanna or the Killers, I said that we'll go on the cheapest day which is Friday, the practice run.

You can hear the race from miles away, but the experience of seeing the action up close with the roar of the cars blasting in our ears, sent shivers down my spine and I must say that even I got excited!

I still don't care who won, but we're planning to go again next year this time either on Saturday or Sunday depending on the musician performing after the race.

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