23 August 2013

A friend and I went to PasarBella recently with the intention of just browsing. But faced with quite a few food shops, we could not help spend even just a little.

The first thing I did was to buy Apr├Ęs-Soleil from The Cheese Ark which turned out great eaten together with grapes, and Francine die Rundi which was perfect with Ritz crackers.

Our shared lunch consisted of ribs from Charly T's (SGD 23.54) - tasty but the meat wasn't too tender (it wasn't falling off the bone), and seafood paella from Le Patio (SGD 13.50) which Ember and I both enjoyed (I would not mind going back for this).

Another thing I would love to go back for are the macarons by Bonheur Patisserie. At SGD 3 each they are a little bigger than others I've seen, but I only ordered two flavours - butterscotch and mint chocolate chip - because originally I am not fond of macarons. Though after eating these, I've definitely changed my mind.

I also ordered a steak and mushroom pie from Nibbles by Rabbit Carrot Gun to bring home along with a salmon and potato quiche with sun dried tomatoes. The pie wasn't to our taste (needed salt), but Earl liked the quiche (then again he likes anything with potatoes).

Unfortunately, most of the photos here were taken before lunch and in my hunger, I forgot to take pictures of the items I actually bought.

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