Mellben Seafood

30 September 2013

My folks were in town recently and Mom wanted to eat crabs, so we all trooped over to Ang Mo Kio for seafood. Earl went ahead and reached the place at 5:45 PM. He was in line for an hour and 15 minutes before getting a table at 7 PM (they don't take reservations during weekends). When we arrived a few minutes later, the place was packed and the line outside was quite long.

We ended up ordering three kinds of crab so that we could maximize our visit. You could choose between a large or a small crab, but since only four of us were eating (Earl is allergic to crustaceans), we decided on the smaller sized ones and we ended up bringing leftovers home.

First up, we ordered the Mushroom, Abalone Mushroom, Bailing Mushroom with Veg (SGD 15) (above left) that looked nothing like the one on the menu (above right). We asked if we were given the right dish, and the server confirmed that it was correct. Okay, if you say so...

The Salted-Egg Pork Ribs (SGD 15) was recommended by a friend, though I prefer the prawn version which I had during a previous visit to the restaurant.

The Diced Chicken with Cashew Nut (SGD 15) was good, but I really liked the Fried Mantous (SGD 4) which are usually used for dipping into the crab sauce.

I've had the Creamy Butter Crab (above left) before and I wanted them to try it. It's a bit spicy (for me anyway), but it was better than the Crab Fried Bee Hoon (above right). We should have tried the Claypot Crab Bee Hoon Soup instead which I heard they're famous for.

The unanimous favourite was the White Pepper Crab. The three crabs cost us SGD 159.50 without 7% GST and our total bill including five orders of plain rice was SGD 238.10. Pretty reasonable compared to Jumbo where our bill was SGD 365+ for just three dishes with rice and drinks for three people but without crabs.

This place is definitely worth going to especially if you like crabs at pocket friendly prices.

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