Drum Tao

03 August 2013

Earl had heard about this years ago so when we found out they were going to be in Singapore, we immediately bought tickets.

The seats we got were at the top most level (on the third floor), and having never been to the Esplanade Theatre before, I assumed we would be too far up to see much of anything. Fortunately, my fears were unfounded because while the place was not small, it wasn't vast so we were able to see everything quite clearly.

Another misconception was that I thought the entire production would just be about Japanese drums - I was already bracing myself for a migraine (clearly I did not read the synopsis provided online). Turns out it involved humour, acrobatics and a few other traditional Japanese instruments such as the three strings Japanese guitar, bamboo flute, and Japanese harp. The drums were still the focal point, but all of it put together made for a very pleasant afternoon.


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Nicole said...

Thanks Yania! I checked your blog and it looks nice, it's just too bad I do not understand Spanish =)