A Lesson from NATAS

17 August 2013

My cousin and I were at NATAS yesterday hoping to book a cruise to Phuket. Turns out, we should have done it online. We asked Royal Caribbean agent Janning if there was an advantage to booking with them during the travel fair compared with booking via their website, and she said there wasn't any. Hmmm... what's the point in going there then? So for future reference, here are the differences:

Royal Caribbean Booth at NATAS
- SGD 4 entrance fee per person
- Randomly assigned rooms (you won't know where your room will be until after check-in)
- Eligible for the raffle draw - every S$500 spent (up to a maximum of 3 combined receipts) at NATAS Holidays 2013 entitles the customer to one entry form.

Royal Caribbean Website
- No entrance fee
- You can choose your room - all available room numbers are listed per deck so you'll be able to check the exact location of the room you're interested in.* Once you've settled on the room, you can then just click on your preferred room number and proceed to the payment options.

*This is easily done using the deck plans found online.

Therefore, if you want to join the raffle, go ahead and book the cruise at NATAS. But if you're like me, and has been reading up on which decks to avoid, then purchase through their website to ensure that you won't be up all night due to the noise in the surrounding areas.

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