Ramen X

14 May 2012

Another new addition to the South dining scene is Ramen X. Located at the new wing of the Alabang Town Center, both Earl and I have decided that it's worth the trip to the third floor if you're in the mood for reasonably cheap eats.

Fried Gyoza - Php 59
Gyudon Rice Bowl - Php 99

Green Apple Soda - Php 50
Ebi Tempura Rice Bowl - Php 109

The apple soda actually had the taste of apples (unlike the one we tried at Hapadog) and both rice bowls came with a complimentary bowl of soup. And typical of free soups, it was more like watery chicken broth...

The rice bowls were not bad, though I prefer the Beef Misono over at Tokyo Tokyo to the Gyudon Rice Bowl, and Earl thinks the tempura served over at Tempura Grill is better. But in my opinion, I liked Ramen X's tempura compared to a lot others we've tried. What we did agree on was that the rice bowls had more rice than toppings so we eneded up ordering another appetizer:

Ebi Tempura - Php 99

What Earl really enjoyed was the ramen which had a rather generous serving size:

Karaage Ramen - Php 99

As I've mentioned, there are better versions of these dishes, but for the price it's a nice alternative to the usually pricey Japanese restaurants.

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