21 May 2012

I once went through a Buffalo Chicken stage. Basically, it was a quest to find the restaurant that served this dish best and the winner, according to my taste buds, is Burgoo.

They recently opened a branch at SM Southmall and we took the opportunity to treat my parents and sister who had never tried this place before.

Manhattan's Best - Php 395 (Regular)

The dressing was a little too light for me as I tend to favor thick and strong flavored dressings.

Supreme Sampler - Php 425 (Regular)

Well, this is what it looked like after we had dug in since I forgot to snap a photo when it was first served at our table. Earl and I usually order this as it has everything we both like.

Boneless Buffalo Chicken - Php 325 (Regular)

Ah, my favorite! My mother also liked it though she said she prefers the one at Yellow Cab.

Seafood Au Gratin - Php 375 (Regular)

My sister ordered this and while I was not too keen (anything "au gratin" reminds me of mac and cheese), it turned out to better than expected. Quite good actually.

Raspberry Cheesecake - Php 195

This was another hit, but it's a very dense cheesecake - best shared with others after a light meal.

All in all, everyone enjoyed the meal and ended with Mom planning to bring her friends there too for her birthday.

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