Phat Wong

07 June 2012

I've always wanted to try Chef Ariel Manuel's restaurant Lolo Dad's, but their prices are a little steep for our pockets. So when I read about his new venture for the budget conscious, we headed to Makati to try it out.

For this lunch, I was with my mother and sister and here's what we ordered:

Shrimps, Pomelo and Young Coconut,Coconut Milk and Lime Dressing - Php 270

Best described as interesting since we've never had this salad presented in a whole coconut cup before. But in case you're partial to pomelo chunks when it comes to this Vietnamese dish (like my Mom), you won't find it here. And though we all prefer the Pho Hoa version, it's not a bad choice if you're in the mood for something light.

Phad Thai Omelet - Php 240

If you're not a heavy eater and you'll be ordering other things from the menu, then this is good enough for three. We asked for the chili to placed on the side as I'm not fond of anything spicy, but Mom said it tasted much better with it than without it. My sister tried the sauce and it was way too hot for her liking.

Blue Crab with Crab Fat on Lemongrass Dumpling - Php 180

This was nice though we wish it had been smothered in crab fat. Yup, we're not exactly healthy eaters - hahaha!

Pinoy Duck Mami Shredded Duck Meat, Boiled Duck Egg, Spring Onions and Roasted Garlic - Php 255

Both Mom and sibling found this soup to be very salty but I didn't. Maybe because I was recovering from the flu at the time and my taste buds were not up to scratch?

Grilled Baby Back Ribs Tocino In Garlic and Vinegar Sauce - Php 325

For me, I would not mind having this for breakfast though I was expecting it to be a little bit on the softer side. Probably it's because I automatically associate melt-in-your-mouth tender whenever I think of baby back ribs.

The verdict? If you're in the area, it's not a bad place to stop by.

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