Ho Chi Minh: Temple Club

05 May 2014

Many guidebooks have described the restaurant as the "most atmospheric" and recommended that people visit for the ambience alone. We agree - this place is great for date night! As to the food, I liked it well enough though Abigail was not impressed. She prefers the food over at Nhà Hàng Ngon.

Temple Smoothie (VND 100,000)

I forgot what the ingredients were in this drink, but I do remember how SOUR it was! I still shudder at the thought - I had to ask for sugar syrup at least thrice.

Temple Club Noodle Soup (VND 130,000)

Mì Quảng in Vietnamese, it's made with shrimps, rice crackers and peanuts. You're supposed to top it off with the herbs and sprouts that's served separately, but I prefer it without. All in all, it's not bad, but we'll probably order something else next time.

Temple Club Platter (VND 150,000)

I liked the rolls, though I was thinking that they had been made with too many vegetables. (Clearly, being a vegetarian is not in my future.)

Prawn in Tamarind Sauce (VND 220,000)

Another one of those "tasty but not spectacular" dishes. Maybe better eaten with rice?

Worth a visit? Yes and the prices aren't as upscale as the décor.

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