Ho Chi Minh: Lunch Lady

10 May 2014

"A broth that the gods were suckled on..."

That was how celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain described the soup made by the Lunch Lady when he featured it on his show No Reservations. He had heard that it was "amazing" and when he tried the broth for himself, he had this to say:

"...like all truly great soups, it soon becomes center of the universe. You pass through an event horizon of pleasure, moments picked off in mouthfuls, everything else ceases to exist."

Soup of the Day (VND 40,000)

As far as I could tell, there are no options at this food stall, as they only serve one dish. You pay, then wait for the soup to be delivered to your table. So, how was it? It was good soup - light and full of flavor, but it's not something I would move to Vietnam for. Then again, I've never been fond of noodle soup.

Tip: Sit at a table underneath the canopy. We sat outside it and when the wind blew, a lot of debris fell down right into our bowls. Good thing I had already finished eating.

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