Mainz: Heiliggeist

18 December 2013

I read about Heiliggeist in Trip Advisor when I was searching for a place to eat. We wanted to dine like the locals, but it must be walking distance from the hotel. We're not familiar with their transport system and cab fares are so expensive - we paid 57.50 € (Php 3480 or SGD 99) from the airport to the Hilton Mainz City Hotel which was just a 30 minute trip!

It took us a bit of time to find the entrance - we, along with some others, initially thought it was closed since the first two doors we checked were locked. Earl and I decided to wait and see if anyone else was headed towards the restaurant which is how we finally found the front door!

According to Lonely Planet, Heiliggeist used to be a 15th-century hospital. Upon entering, we were glad our perseverance paid off as the place sure was pretty and cozy. I'd go back for the ambiance alone.

Turns out in Germany, they are fond of serving sparkling or carbonated water, so you would need to specify that you want "still" water. We got the smallest size of Selters Classic (2.45 €) and Apfelwein (2.35 €) which is the German version of apple wine or cider. I ordered the Apfelwein out of curiosity - it tasted like very watery wine - drinkable, but not something I'd order again anytime soon.

Die Zwie
Croustarte grilled with gouda, mozzarella, and parmeggiano
9.90 €

This was Earl's third trip to Germany in less than two months and he was getting a little tired of sausages. Good thing the restaurant's menu is composed of German and Italian inspired dishes so he immediately ordered pizza. It was pretty good and large enough for two or three people if you're ordering other things.

Heiliggeist's Homemade Veal Sausage
with Onions, Dijon-Wasabi-Mustard and Hash Browns
12.50 €

I loved the sausage! The hash browns though needed a bit of salt and tasted better mixed with the onions. This dish is also good for two and I ended up not finishing the potatoes due to no more space.

Conveniently located right behind the Gutenberg Museum, I would definitely recommend this place to those visiting the Mainz area.

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