Tokyo Café

25 June 2012

Whenever Earl and I feel like having a somewhat healthier lunch, we usually end up in a Japanese restaurant. This meal was at their SM Southmall branch:

Teriyaki Chicken Salad - Php 188

Creamy dressings are not synonymous with losing weight, but I'm just not too fond of vinaigrette. So this salad fit the bill for our "vegetable" requirement and was neither bland nor too salty.

Salmon Cream Pasta - Php 252

I'm a sucker for smoked salmon so when I saw this on the menu, I just had to order it. Also falls under the "lean protein with omega-3" category (hahaha!). It wasn't bad though I added Parmesan cheese to give it more oomph. Also, should have separated the salmon from the hot pasta first as the heat cooked it through.

Ten-Ju - Php 248

Basically their shrimp tempura bento box. It was better than a lot of other tempuras we've tried - and we've had quite a few since Earl will always order shrimp tempura without fail in every Japanese restaurant we go to.

Scorecard: In the same price range as Tempura Grill, but also serves pizza. A good option if you can't decide between Japanese and Western cuisine as this place combines both.

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