15 January 2017

Many stores have come and gone in the four years that we lived on Petain Road, and I was never really interested in any of them until Ollella opened shop. Named after the owners, sisters Marcella and Olivia, they mainly sell desserts - luckily for me. But as someone who has tasted everything on their regular choux menu, I can attest that not only do they taste good, they also look great! (I wish I had a picture of their packaging as I loved that too.)

It was so convenient to have them downstairs especially when we needed to give a gift. I would just call and our order would be ready for pick-up by the time we got out the apartment's main door.

Though there's one thing on their menu that I really loved - the Smoked Salmon Choux (SGD 7.50).

For me, this particular choux has the perfect balance of sweet and salty, soft and crunchy. And the only thing that kept me from eating it everyday was the fact my wallet would suffer greatly along with my weight.

Here's hoping they will still be around by the time we go back to Singapore for a visit.

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