30 August 2016

We once had an early morning appointment at Coronation Plaza so I decided to search for a place nearby where we could have breakfast. Luckily, Choupinette was just across the street.

On our first visit, we ordered the Eggs Royal's (not sure why it's spelled with an apostrophe) which Earl and I both liked. Their brunch sets are quite generous with the drinks as it comes with two beverages - one cold and one hot. For me, this is great if you're having a leisurely meal as I couldn't finish both drinks due to time constraints.

We so enjoyed our breakfast that we said we would come back. But since Choupinette is a 15 minute cab ride from our apartment, and the fact there's nothing suitable for our baby to eat (she throws up with anything that contains eggs), it took us a few months to return. We finally got around to it when my sister, Katrina, came to visit.

Earl got The Tristan's which was just okay (your usual breakfast sausage) while I ordered the Eggs Royal's again. Though after tasting what Katrina ate (Le croque-monsieur), I wish I had gotten that instead. My meal was still good, but my sister's order was better. Well, this will just give us another reason to come back.

Eggs Royal's (SGD 26+)
Eggs on toast with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce + any fruit juice + any hot coffee or hot tea or hot chocolate

Le croque-monsieur, poulet or vegetarien (SGD 19.90+)
Grilled sandwich with a choice of ham, chicken or eggplant with emmental cheese and bechamel sauce

The Tristan's (SGD 24+)
Scrambled, poached or fried eggs with pork or chicken sausage, mushrooms, a "tomate proven├žale" and a wholemeal bread roll with butter + any fruit juice + any hot coffee or hot tea or hot chocolate

The restaurant itself is small (can be cramped) but cozy and they only accept reservations during weekends for groups of six or more. So, if you do end up waiting for a table, you can either shop (they also sell cheese and freshly baked goods) or pop by the German Market Place next door to pass the time.

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