Baptism Supplier Ratings

05 August 2016

Here's how our suppliers fared during Hannah's baptism - 10 being the highest and 1 the lowest score.

Church - Santuario de San Antonio
Price - Php 4000
Rating - 9

Transacting with the parish office was a breeze and the baptistry was clean.

The only baptismal candles that can be used are the ones purchased at the parish office. This wasn't really a problem, but I wasn't too fond of the color or the design.

Reception Venue - Conti's Bakeshop & Restaurant (Greenbelt)
Price - Php 55,580 or 694.75 per person (80 pax)
Rating - 5

Both the food and venue weren't bad. The function rooms are located on the second floor and has its own toilet (two actually - separate for males and females).

- Initially they didn't want to honor the contract. We paid the deposit in May and signed the contract for 60 guests. But when we inquired about increasing our guest list, they informed us that the original rate they quoted is no longer valid as they will be having a price increase in July. I asked them what was a signed contract for if they had no plans of honoring it? In the end, the rate for the first 60 pax stayed the same and they applied the rate increase for the additional guests.

- Terrible customer service. We had an appointment with them at 3:00 PM to check the venue and pay for the extra guests. We arrived on the dot and was met by one of their sales agents. After less than five minutes she went downstairs and WE NEVER SAW HER AGAIN. We waited for 15 minutes before checking up on her, then we asked at least four other people and either they said she was coming back or we didn't see them again too. Our event stylist was also there with us to confirm the schedule and the layout so we were both just waiting for someone to show up.

After 30 minutes, I got mad. I was able to speak to an agent named Mia to inquire on who we could talk to and she basically asked us in an exasperated tone, "What else is there to talk about?" I replied back, "A lot!"

Take note, we had an appointment. If they're so busy that they can't attend to their customers properly, then they shouldn't have confirmed.

- They wouldn't let our guests in the venue. The reception officially started at 1:00 PM but I told them during our meeting that I've asked the guests to arrive at 12:30 PM. They said okay. On the day itself, they refused to let our guests in until 1 PM. One of my friends had to convince them to open the doors.

- The food was late. One would expect that if an event starts at 1 PM then the food should be ready by then - especially since they charge a fee if we stay past 3 PM. More than 30 minutes later, they started serving the buffet but it was incomplete. They told me that the missing food will be served to the tables directly. I said that would look horrible - buffet line with at least two chafing dishes empty?

The dessert (cake slices) was also not part of the buffet, so we had guests who never got to eat as they had to leave early.

- They ran out of dessert. I asked if we could bring home the excess cake slices and I was informed that there were none. I asked how could that be when an entire table of 10 left early and didn't get to eat? To make up for it, they gave a small cake to take home.

- They assured me that the venue can accommodate 100 guests. Realistically, it can only fit a maximum of 80 people. We had less than 90 guests and they were packed liked sardines. Many people had a hard time getting in and out of their chairs especially if they were in between other tables.

- No elevator. So if your guests are in wheelchairs, you'll need to ask for help. In our case, the servers helped my aunt in going up and down the stairs.

Event Stylist - Dianne Khu Designs
Price - Php 23,000* + Php 2170 for loot bags, crew meals & signage
Rating - 8

1. Overall Theme Design Mood board, layout
2. Stage Backdrop – Flat/Tarpaulin
3. Table Decor Custom Table Numbers and Flat Placecards
4. Ceiling D├ęcor Lanterns (max of 3 colors)
5. Manpower & Delivery

Dianne was easy to talk to, I loved everything she did, and her rate was reasonable to boot! I'd definitely recommend her to anyone who needs an event stylist.

She initially came up with a design that I didn't approve of and already had it printed out, but she rectified the situation beautifully. Just tell her exactly what you want and ask to see the final layout before she sends everything to the printer.

Apparently, it's her policy to only get approval for the anchor areas - the stage and/or the dessert table - the other areas (such as small printables and entrance signages) are upon request.

Photographer - Mhel Mesa Photography
Price - Php 3000
Rating - 1

The price.

- Most of the photos were blurred and a lot of them had weird angles (as though they were trying to follow the rule of thirds but not quite making it).

- It seems they only took pictures at the start of the reception so some of our guests were not in any of the photos.

- Mhel said that they would send the DVD with all the shots (edited and unedited) three weeks after the event which was held on December 26. Almost two months later (February 20), she said she was already uploading the photos. More than a month after the first follow up, she claims that she had "issues in life" and thus was not able to send the DVD. As of today, we have yet to hear from her.

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Peace in Pieces said...

This is an outstanding venue, with great and thoughtful staff, and a fantastic chef. The location is well situated. We has been delighted to host our annual event at the San Francisco event venues for the past few years, and the space has been perfect for our group of roughly 300.