Vudu Cafe

05 January 2015

Research definitely pays off - Earl and I loved everything we ate!

(Blog writing is so much easier when you can sum things up in one sentence.)

We needed to have an early lunch, but didn't want to be too full as we were about to go on a four hour tour where toilets aren't easily accessible. So we decided to just share everything and it turned out to be a great idea as the soup alone was good for two.

They also serve breakfast so if we're ever in the area again, I plan to skip the hotel buffet and just head here.

Roasted Parsnip & Parmesan Soup (NZD 12)

Bacon & Mushroom Carbonara with Fresh Herbs and Parmesan (NZD 18)

Bakewell Tart (NZD 4.50)

Happy New Year everyone!

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