The Occidental Belgian Beer Café

25 January 2015

Don't let the name fool you - this is where we had the best breakfast while in New Zealand. Okay, so the others were either at the hotel, McDonald's, or cold sandwiches we ordered the day prior, but really their waffles were good.

This was our last meal before our afternoon flight back to Singapore, so it made for a very sweet ending to a really wonderful trip.

Hot Chocolate (NZD 5 each)

A very comforting drink to have on a cold and wet morning (which is the weather we had that day).

French Toast (NZD 17)
Traditional ciabatta coated with egg and cinnamon, served with bacon, bananas, and topped with maple syrup

This dish wasn't bad, but I would preferred it to be a bit sweeter (adding more maple syrup did not help). It seemed to lack something, but I could not pinpoint what exactly.

Fresh Belgian Waffles (NZD 14.50)
Grilled bananas, bacon, maple syrup

The star of the show - it was worth the chilly and drizzly trek to the restaurant.

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