Strictly Pancakes

05 August 2014

Pancakes for lunch? Everyone I've brought here were initially skeptical, but completely converted after trying it just once.

Potatoes Leeking Cheese (SGD 12)
Two pancakes stuffed with potatoes, cheese and leek served with sautéed mushrooms and sour cream on the side

Our friend Celia ordered this and ended up returning to Strictly Pancakes with her husband Mic in tow. Looks can be deceiving though, as the serving size may seem normal, but it's actually very filling.

Garlic Buttered Prawns (SGD 15)
Medium stack served with prawns buttered generously with garlic and cherry tomato salad on the side

I love this! So much so that I've had it on three separate occasions and wouldn't mind ordering it again.

Tiramisu (SGD 13)
Kahlua infused Mascarpone cheese slathered over three fragrant chocolate pancakes and topped with chocolate flakes, vanilla ice cream and a dash of cocoa

I was too full to appreciate this, but then again I've never been fond of Tiramisu (this was Mom's meal).

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