10 August 2014

Chatterbox is famous for their chicken rice. So when my friend Merly came to visit recently, I decided that it was the perfect time to see what the fuss was all about.

Satay (SGD 18)

I have yet to encounter bad satay here in Singapore and this was no exception. Maybe I'm just not picky or anything that's dipped in peanut sauce is always good with me.

Crispy Baby Squid (SGD 16)

Good squid and I wouldn't mind going back to order this again! Jumbo Seafood also serves a version of this dish, but in my opinion, this one tastes better. Note though that they placed an upturned lettuce leaf underneath so the squid is just on top, and it's hollow in the bottom.

Barley Water (SGD 9)

The usual price for a glass of barley in an air conditioned food court is SGD 1.80 (slightly less at open air hawker centers). Since it tastes the same as the cheaper versions, you'd think they could at least give a bigger glass (or make it refillable). I'll stick to asking for iced water on my next visit.

Chicken Rice (SGD 27)

Merly loved the rice and couldn't get enough of it. As for me, I felt there was nothing spectacular about the dish considering you can get the same taste for less than SGD 5 elsewhere.

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