The Pros and Cons of Living in Singapore

10 July 2014


1. Safe. Anyone can walk alone at midnight and not have to fear for their lives.

2. Clean. Hardly any trash and no graffiti (you could get caned AND jailed for what others would call public art).

3. Efficient public transportation. Cars are not a necessity in the Lion City.

4. There are no hurricanes, tornadoes or flooding. The monsoon season is something you only see on TV.

5. Airline hub. You can fly non-stop to over 120 cities from Singapore and with six budget carriers operating here (Jetstar, Scoot, Air Asia, Tiger Airways, Lion Air, and Cebu Pacific), the travel possibilities are nearly endless.


1. Shopping is a bit on the expensive side. Except for electronics, you can get the same item for less in other countries.

2. Watching a movie? Popcorn with extra butter does not exist here (*sniff sniff*). And while we're at it, pizzas that are overloaded with toppings and oozing with cheese are hard to come by.

3. No such thing as cool weather. Even the Philippines has areas where you will need a sweater from December to February. For example, Manila has had temperatures as low as 18°C (64°F) and Baguio even lower at 8°C (46°F).

4. Big hips, big feet, big problem. In a land where over 90% of the women are slim AND during a time when skinny jeans are in vogue, I have to go to other countries to find something that will fit me. Oh, and many shoe brands don't stock the larger half sizes as the average seems to be a size 5. My feet are 8 ½ (or 9).

5. Dessert is just mildly sweet. I have a huge sweet tooth and I find that most of the desserts here are low on the sugar content. In the mood for a rich and gooey chocolate cake? What you'll likely get is a cake that's a tad bittersweet without much icing.

Fortunately, there's not a lot to complain about around here. Despite its size, there are many things you can do in the Little Red Dot, which is why it's my favorite city in Asia.

What are the things you like (or are not so fond of) about the country you live in?

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