Canberra: Lonsdale Street Roasters

30 June 2014

We were on our way to another café for breakfast when we passed by Lonsdale and saw how busy it was. I immediately decided to change course and follow the locals.

When I first walked through the door, there were no empty tables so it was a good thing we arrived just as people were starting to leave for work. Any earlier and parking would also have been a problem.

Eggs Benedict & Hot Chocolate
Malt bread, Pialligo bacon
AUD 17.50 & AUD 8

Breakfast Crumble
Apples, raspberries, Pepe Saya's Mascarpone
AUD 13.50

Sourdough Waffle
Pure maple, cultured butter
AUD 13.50

Iced Mocha

My Mom was still commenting on how much she enjoyed her meal two days after our visit, so following the crowd was definitely a good idea in this case!

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