Canberra: Aria Hotel

25 June 2014

For this trip, we went with a two bedroom apartment as I was with my parents and sister. First off, the location is not convenient in the sense that there are no nearby shops or restaurants, so you will really need a car to get around.

In general, the rooms were clean except in some areas like the top of the mini-fridge which was thick with dust and placemats that clearly needed washing. But those were minor in the greater scheme of things.

The bathroom, as far I could tell, was mold free. My only complaint was that there were no toothbrush holders or anything tall enough to put toothbrushes in the entire apartment.

Dishwasher was not great at washing - had to do everything again by hand. Take note, we followed the instruction manual to the letter.

The dryer was not working at first, but was fixed the next day. Only problem was that we did our laundry the night before and had to hang everything on the dining room chairs.

If you're in a hurry, don't bother doing the laundry as the washing machine takes a minimum of two hours to do one cycle - and that's the quick wash option. Others take even longer.

There's also no free internet, but what really frustrated me was that there was no wifi signal in our room. I reported it to the front desk twice and the agent said they had it re-routed but to no avail. Quite inconvenient to have to go down to the lobby to get internet access. If you have a laptop, then no problem as you can just plug in the cable. Ipad users will be out of luck.

The hotel waived the AUD 4 fee for the 30 minute internet package I used while in the lobby. That was nice, but it did not make me feel any better as I use Skype to talk to my husband. Needless to say, I am dreading my next phone bill.

Breakfast is a separate charge and costs AUD 19 if you pre-book (AUD 23 regular rate). Good thing I decided to take a look first before making a decision. The buffet is quite small and looks as though not a lot of thought was put into it in terms of menu and presentation. There were two attendants at the time I entered the cafe and both were too busy talking.

In all, it's not bad but I would probably try some other property on my next visit to Canberra.

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