Ho Chi Minh: Coffee Shops

31 March 2014

Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer in the world, so trying out the local brew was on the top of our to-do list. Well, I'm not into coffee so my friend Abigail did all the drinking.

All of the coffee shops listed here are walking distance from the Liberty Central Hotel where we stayed.


The iced coffee that looked like coke. Their Vietnamese Coffee (VND 40,000) was so bitter that Abbie had to ask for extra ice (though she skipped the milk). I ordered the Watermelon Pressed Juice (VND 50,000) which was not too sweet.

We decided to share the Apple Crumble with cinnamon cream and berries (VND 80,000) and the Pulled Pork Baguette with BBQ sauce and coleslaw (VND 125,000) both of which were a little on the tart side.

We agreed that the baguette was just okay - enough flavour to say it tasted like something, but we wouldn't order it again. Maybe they should lessen the vinegar and make the meat more tender? As to the dessert, not sure where the berries were located, but Abbie liked it. For me, it needed more sugar.

I wouldn't mind going back though as I liked the décor and the place was cozy.

Trung Nguyên

This is the local version of Starbucks and they have branches everywhere. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures. Here Abbie ordered their hot drip coffee with condensed milk (VND 154,000) and we shared a cheesecake that our server suggested (VND 60,000). I wasn't too fond of the dessert as it had gelatin mixed in it - I prefer cheesecakes made purely of cream cheese.

i.d café

This was another nice place to just lounge around and talk to friends, though it was rather dim when we entered (maybe because it was cloudy outside?).

As to the coffee, Abigail had their version of Vietnamese Coffee (VND 60,000) and said that of all the java she's tried during our trip, the one served here was the best.

I ordered a Chocolate Cupcake (VND 40,000) which they served with tea water (really watery tea). The water was interesting though I doubt if it will be to everyone's taste. The cupcake was quite ordinary - not dry or too moist, neither bland nor too sweet.

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