Johor Premium Outlets

17 November 2012

My mother-in-law was in town over a week ago and requested to see Malaysia. So we decided to bring her to the Johor Premium Outlets as it's only a short bus ride from here.

The place is also just a few minutes away from Legoland and uses the same bus so it's a very convenient day trip for anyone interested in going over the border.

I've been to outlet malls in the U.S. and I must say that if you plan to go bargain hunting, best to do it in the States as the prices here are rather steep. A pair of Nike shoes for example, range from MYR 169 to 209. Basically, MYR 169 is equivalent to SGD 70 or PHP 2334 which makes it cheaper than Singapore but more expensive than Manila or the U.S.

Ah, but then again prices in Singapore are really more expensive to begin with. My Mom found a bag she liked from Mango while window shopping at Orchard Road, but found the exact same bag in one of their Manila branches to be PHP 1000 less (SGD 30).

Another concern is that you have declare all items purchased from abroad and pay the corresponding tax (GST) once you reach Singapore. That lessens a bit of the savings any long term resident might be hoping to have.

Well, if you want things a little cheaper and can't go anywhere else at the moment, then the Johor Premium Outlets will do in the meantime. Also, the place reminds me so much of Alabang Town Center back home that I'll definitely return if only for the scenery.

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