National Museum of Singapore

14 October 2012

I've decided to treat our short stint in Singapore as an extended holiday. So one of our goals as long-term tourists is to go to every museum this country has to offer, and our first stop is the National Museum.

It turns out that yesterday was a good day to visit as it was the museum's 125th birthday. Not only was the entrance fee free, but they also had a small ceremony and everyone present was invited to partake of the cake!


We came after lunch thinking that we would only need a few hours to see the place, but the only exhibit we were able to really look at was the one on bridal gowns:

Gowns from 1828 and 1834:

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale's wedding attire:

We went through the History Gallery, but only briefly since they ran out of Companion devices (you'll need one to fully appreciate what's in front of you) and we had other things to attend to after. We both liked the museum and we've decided to come back when we can spend an entire day in it.

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