Five Years

11 February 2012

We marked five years of marriage by staying at the Taal Vista Hotel. This was also where we checked-in the night before our wedding and celebrated our first year anniversary, so when they had a promo on Deal Grocer, we decided to take advantage.

The rate we paid for the Premier Room was Php 4,863 nett (originally Php 8,400 nett). It came with buffet breakfast for two, free internet access and welcome drinks at the Lobby Lounge (which turned out to be iced tea). But what we really liked about our room was the view:

There were a couple of large cracks on one of the walls, the shower area had a bit of mold, and the small container of lotion had already been half used by the previous guest, but the view of Taal Volcano from our balcony more than made up for everything.

Dinner was at the Mile Hi Diner. The food was not bad though it was the first time I've ordered buffalo wings that didn't automatically come with a dip. Usually, they'll charge only for the extra dip (and in some establishments, it's free).

Honey Barbeque Buffalo Wings - Php 145
Ranch Dressing - Php 20

Mozzarella Stuffed Burger - Php 240

We also ordered a Taco Salad (Php 160) which I felt was a bit dry. I mentioned this to the server and she offered to give us more sour cream (which was what the dressing consisted of) but Earl declined because he liked the salad as is.

Since we were still a bit hungry, we ordered French Fries (Php 70) which we both enjoyed as it was similar to the ones served at KFC.

The weather in Tagaytay that night was a bit chilly though not as cold as the one right before our wedding where we actually needed to turn on the car heater! But all in all, we had a very relaxing overnight stay and can't wait to do it again.

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